Black Male Writer appreciation

Man, it’s a good thing I respect people’s marriages and relationships.

I just came back from seeing Leonard Pitts Jr. speak for the third time in my life and again, learned several new things. Including the fact that he graduated college when he was 19 years old, which made my frontal cortex hot. Just days before, I got to see Colson Whitehead hold court hilariously at the Texas Book Festival.

I don’t ever hear enough people say how much they are groupies for brilliant black men, because maybe that’s not really appropriate or anything, but listen. When I started my Tumblr, one of the first things I wrote about was my admiration for Pitts’ eloquence and great writing. Then he said something the last time I’ve always thought was true: “Good writers? Those are my people.”

Also, it’s not just me. Mychal Denzel Smith says he’s got a black man book bias - I lean toward black women, for the most part.

But I feel like the only black men who ever get attention these days are the president & the ones in jail. So for those of you in between, just know that this black woman write swoons over your brain and talents and perseverance. {Also, know that I was going to hook y’all up with a stock photo of a black man in glasses, but…they’re too ignorant for me to be associated with and some of them have the same guy without a shirt on and…it’s a little too much. Carry on.}